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Family-owned group since 1837, its name is directly derived from the mandrake, a rare plant shrouded in mystery. Ancient people attributed magical properties to it and it generated a considerable number of legends.









Leopold Gourmel




Blurry moon

The history of Mandracore (French for mandrake) has unfolded over time thanks to the addition of skills and common values.

All in a family spirit, the group benefits from the diversity of alcohols - Armagnacs, Cognacs, Vodka and Gin - but also of the trades and geographical locations of its different firms. Nicolas Sinoquet is currently in charge of the group's destiny. His double-hatted activity, production and marketing, combined with valuable lessons from Rémy Cointreau enable him to take the helm of Chateau Gruaud Larose that he has run for 5 years, side by side with owner, Jean Merlaut. In collaboration with those who build the spirit of the different distilleries, they perpetuate tradition while inventing the future of the group's different firms.

Our brands

« In compliance with traditions inherited from the past, we work with natural and exceptional products using traditional methods while making the most of current technology. This is the approach that my teams and I have adopted to reinvent the codes, innovate and surprise the consumers who are at the heart of our consideration.»

Nicolas Sinoquet - Owner

Larressingle is a traditional Armagnac with ancestral character, legacy of the historical Larressingle fortified castle from the 13th century.

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Created in 1882 in the Bas Armagnac region, the Samalens Armagnacs produce racy, round and elegant eau de vie.

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The Gimet Armagnac completes its ageing in barrels from great sweet wines which gives it smoothness and character. In order to preserve its personality no blending is performed and the degree of alcohol is therefor natural when leaving the barrels. This eau-de-vie undergoes no chill filtering and comes from a unique barrel.

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Inspired by the universe of the great Bordeaux wines, the Léopold Gourmel Cognacs are produced on the best "terroirs" which gives them strength and aromatic richness. They are distilled and generously matured in line with their origin and nature, without rushing through the various steps, letting time take its course. Go to website

Inspired by Mongolian traditions (Arkhi), Lactalium Vodka is made from fermented milk from French mountains and distilled in copper stills.

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The singularity of Blurry Moon, created on the basis of the contrasts and ambivalence that it provides: the simultaneous occurrence of sensations and ambivalence thus creating a "deep and uncanny universe".

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