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Mandracore is proud of its role as representative of French artisanal wines and spirits. We have been producing Armagnac, Cognac, gin, whiskey, liqueurs, and white spirits to our own very high standards since 1837. Our focus is on innovation whilst retaining the legacy of our maisons.

At our distilleries in the Southwest of France, we are constantly creating new recipes with two objectives that are close to our heart: craftsmanship and creativity. These qualities enable us to extract the quintessence of our terroirs and distil the delicious results. Our colleagues are able to call on years of experience and expertise that have taught them one thing: quality spirits are not born overnight.








Leopold Gourmel




Blurry moon


Distillerie du Cap Ferret



The history of Mandracore has unfolded over time thanks to the addition of skills and common values.

All in a family spirit, the group benefits from the diversity of alcohols - Armagnacs, Cognacs, Vodka and Gin - but also of the trades and geographical locations of its different firms. Nicolas Sinoquet is currently in charge of the group's destiny. His double-hatted activity, production and marketing, combined with valuable lessons from Rémy Cointreau enable him to take the helm of Chateau Gruaud Larose that he has run for 5 years, side by side with owner, Jean Merlaut. In collaboration with those who build the spirit of the different distilleries, they perpetuate tradition while inventing the future of the group's different firms.

Our brands
Our Armagnacs (Samalens, Gimet and Larressingle), our Blurry Moon Gin and our Lactalium Velvet are produced and distilled in the Gers, in the heart of Southwest France. Our liqueurs come from the famous Cap Ferret peninsula in the south of the Bordeaux region, produced in the Cap Ferret Distillery. Our Léopold Gourmel Cognacs, generously distilled and matured with full respect for both their origins and for nature, hail from the Cognac region in Charente

Gascony's jewel

Located in the heart of the Armagnac region, the Château de Larressingle sits proudly among golden hued vineyards. Inspired by this strong, solid building whose angles and curves areconfidently constructed, Armagnac Larressingle pays tribute to the nobility and poeticism of this terroir. It is a timeless classic, a jewel full of character

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Unbounded armagnac

Maison Samalens has been producing eaux-de-vie according to ancestral methods in our cellars in Laujuzan in Southwest France since 1882. Today, these solid foundations give us the freedom to create distinguished Armagnacs, flavoured Armagnacs, in liqueur or single distillation, to offer you a new experience: a bold approach that challenges convention.

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A moment of privilege

Maison Gimet produces Armagnac of the greatest purity. Rare batches that have been aged in sweet wine casks for optimal results are selected for their exceptional quality and without filtration or reduction. These vintage eaux-de-vie with natural properties inferred on them through the casks allow the best of each year to express itself fully

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A spirited equal

We approached the creation of this exceptional Cognac as we would our relationship with a stallion. A noble creature, one whose spirit we would never break, yet simply live alongside. To be tamed yet never controlled. This way, it reaches its full potential and truly, radiantly shines. Our reward is simply seeing it, then sipping it.

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Insiders' secrets

Lactalium Velvet has its roots in Mongolian traditions. For hundreds of years, the people of the Central Asian steppes have been making a spirit from milk called "Simin Arkhi". Maison Gimet took inspiration from this recipe and created a spirit made with milk from cows that graze in high pastures. It offers a smooth, velvety taste experience.

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Botanical alchemy

Blurry Moon is a premium organic gin perfumed with five medicinal plants. The essential oils extracted in our secret artisanal process give this unfiltered gin a rich aroma. The visual signature of our bottle is a tribute to the Moon, whose light enhances and complements nature and plants

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Organic liqueurs

The Cap Ferret Distillery is an integral part of the Hôtel de la Plage, and offers a range of liqueurs. Innovative, artisanal, and organic, they are sure to delight any cocktail creator. Reflecting their place of origin, they combine elegance and freshness.

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Bourbon-style whiskey from southwest France

Made from local Gascony corn, rye and barley, our whiskies spend a minimum of three years in freshly charred vintage Bordeaux oak casks, which gives them lovely vanilla, brioche, and roasted aromas. The stoneware bottle protects the flavours of the spirit and it is decorated with a shepherd on stilts in homage to our region.

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